As Fall turns into Winter, we continue to search for the perfect boot. Boots are a staple for just about any wardrobe not limited to just guys. Offered in both men’s and women’s sizes, we put Thursday Boots’ Captain Boot to the test with the help of our friends Mike and Lauren. Starting the morning exploring Downtown LA, we wanted to see how the boots would fare after walking around the city. Find the full breakdown and their thoughts below. Photography: Sean Martin for The Primary Mag.

First Impressions

It doesn’t take long to realize that the Captain isn’t just your average boot. It’s much more than just that with a sense of sophistication and style. The cap-toe is a nice touch with a refined look that can easily be dressed down or up. We’ve chosen the Captain in Brown and Natural to provide contrast between the two color options. Both colors are especially fitting for this silhouette and come to life on the Thursday Chrome Leather upper in Brown and Chromexcel Horween® Leather in Natural. Here’s what Mike and Lauren had to say.

Mike: I’ve owned a lot of boots over the years and I was impressed by the attention to detail. The color and overall aesthetic are great but you can really see the craftsmanship once you get there.

Lauren: The color is gorgeous and they’re the perfect color for Fall.

Comfort & Fit

A long day of walking calls for an extremely comfortable boot and that’s exactly what we found in the Captain. Lined with full glove leather, a shock absorbing insole, cork-bed midsole and studded rubbed outsole, the Captain is well equipped for the long haul and tackling the most difficult conditions. While they look great on foot, its comfort really shines through and allows you to wear them with ease. They’re the kind of boots that will only get better with wear, but don’t require a lot of time to break in.

Mike: They felt great after the first wear and I’m really looking forward to breaking them in.

Lauren: They’re comfortable and I can wear them all day easily.


While some boots look great on the surface, they can fall short where it counts the most, quality and comfort. The Captain checks all of those boxes and is a great value with a price tag of just $199. The attention to detail and pride that goes into each pair is what keeps bringing people back and it’s one purchase you won’t regret. Available in either Brown or Natural, you really can’t go wrong either way.

Mike: I was pleased with the cleanliness and tightness of the stitching. You can tell the construction was well thought out and I love the fact that these boots are handmade in small batches.

Lauren: Absolutely would buy them in additional colors, they look great with jeans or dresses too.


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