There’s no better feeling than discovering a brand with quality products at an affordable price. That is exactly what we’ve found in Somiar whose boots and shoes have definitely caught our attention. We love their sense of style with timeless designs ranging from Chelsea Boots to the classic lace-up. We go hands-on with their Cruz Boot in Caoba for our latest product highlight. Find the complete review below. Photography: TStoff for The Primary.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, we’re extremely impressed. Everything from the packaging of the boots inside their sleek box to the design. What we loved the most was that the Cruz was able to offer a different look than the traditional boot. It feels more elegant thanks to the subtle broguing, which is done tastefully. However, it’s not too formal to the point where you can’t wear it causally. The color of the calf-skin leather is absolutely beautiful and is contrasted well from the rest of the boot. Handcrafted in Spain, the Cruz features a high attention to detail and has been executed to perfection. You’ll also find Blake construction, which will allow you to resole the boots if ever needed.

Comfort & Fit

Finding a comfortable pair of boots is never an easy task, but we found the Cruz to be extremely comfortable thanks to its outsole. The leather and rubber sole provides comfort and grip to really go the distance and last over years and years of wear. It’s extremely durable and will only get better as you break them in.


At just $250, Somiar’s Cruz Boot is a bargain for what you’re getting. There’s a lot of love that went into these boots and you’ll get plenty of wear out of them for the years to come. Not only do they look great, you’ll find yourself wearing them for a number of different occasions as you can dress them down or up. They’re extremely comfortable and durable, which should always be a priority when shopping for a pair of boots.


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