If you’re like most people, your watches are probably sprawled out in different locations. These locations are typically desk drawers and random bags and you’re not exactly sure where certain watches are stored. Avoid the confusion and get organized with a watch box like the Windsor by WOLF. The Windsor is a 5 piece mid-century inspired watch box designed to keep your valuable timepieces safe. Find our complete breakdown of the Windsor below.

Photography: TStoff for The Primary.

First Impressions

The Windsor makes quite the first impression. From its sleek design to the bold colored interior, the Windsor displays beautifully. It doesn’t feel cheap or made with low-quality materials rather WOLF demonstrating their craftsmanship and attention to detail. A sturdy glass cover and lock provide a sense of security keeping our favorite timepieces safe.


The Windsor features a brown pebble faux leather base with orange texture silk lining, a locking glass cover and chrome hardware. While it uses faux leather as opposed to genuine leather, it looks and feels very similar. The locking mechanism works perfectly and doesn’t feel like your key could break at any given time. They made sure to use the right materials to ensure the box’s longevity.


At only $100, the Windsor is a wise investment for those who want to best display their watches to ensure their safety. It makes for a great gift as it’s a quality piece that should stay with the person for a very long time. If you have a larger watch collection and looking for a way to house them, WOLF has a variety of options ranging from 5-15 piece boxes.


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