Off The Grid: Fall & Winter Traveling Part 1


Travel season isn’t just for the warmer months where you vacation halfway across the world. Whether you’re heading off the beaten path or unplugging in a foreign country, we prefer to travel all year round. We kick off a new series with some of our favorite brands to travel with. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting three outfits and essential travel accessories. Shop the look below. Photography: TStoff for The Primary.

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Nifty Genius Truman Square Long Sleeve Shirt
Our first outfit begins with this Japanese cotton gingham blend shirt. We love how soft and comfortable it is and makes for the perfect shirt whether you’re exploring a new town or getting ready to go out to a fancy dinner. It works in so many ways.

Nifty Genius J.P. Coin Chino
Continuing with the comfort theme, these chinos give you a break from your stiff denim. Wander the streets in style with these pants that offer plenty of mobility. They also add a layer of functionality with enough pockets and space for all your essentials.

Sutro Footwear Charlton Vibram Sole
If we were to travel with one pair of boots this season, it would be these. A beautiful leather upper is combined with a Vibram sole that will hold up through anything. It has a versatile look that will look great with just about any outfit.

Boulevard East Slim Wallet
Less is more is especially true while traveling and we will take a slim wallet over a bulky one any day. Downsize your wallet to just your most important items with this slim wallet that will have your pockets feeling relieved.

Blackthorn Leather Field Notes Cover
Call us old school, but we like to do things the old fashion way from time to time. We’ll be taking down all of our notes in a Field Notes that is housed in this impressive leather cover. It also doubles as a passport holder with pockets for your cards and cash with a loop for your pen.


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