Last week we had the pleasure of riding around with Penny Skateboards and their 27″ Nickel Board. While our main focus has been on everything clothing related, we thought this is the perfect time to feature other items especially with the holidays around the corner. What better place to take this board out for a spin than Venice Beach. Photography: TStoff for The Primary.

First Impressions

We’ve never owned a Penny Skateboard so we were pleasantly surprised with the quality and durability of the board. The burgundy board paired with white bolts and black wheels is a combination that we’ve become huge fans of. It’s a great looking set-up that is perfect for cruising down the boardwalk or even getting around in the city.


We decided to go with the larger board and found it easy to ride around, despite not being the most coordinated rider. Your feet feel secure and safe and not like you’d fall off thanks to the waffle top. While there might be a little bit of a learning curve if you really want to get comfortable, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting accustomed to the board.


If you’re looking to buy one for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you will¬†definitely be satisfied with Penny Skateboards’ Nickel Board. It’s a fun alternative to the traditional skateboard, which often times looks clunky and outdated. You won’t have any trouble looking good and feeling good on this board.¬†Head to Penny Skateboards to get your very own.


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