Fall, the season where we can finally incorporate layers to our style, embrace the cold, chilly mornings all while enjoying all the pumpkin spice coffee we can handle. It’s a season that we just can’t describe it’s nothing like it. To get you prepared for the Autumn, we want to highlight a brand that focuses on style and comfort while designing pieces that you can wear from the morning to moonlight and that brand is PAIGE. Founded by Paige Adams- Geller the brand launched in February 2005. After spending years as a top model in the denim industry Paige Adams- Geller set out to create her brand that focused on women’s fashion that’s now expanded to men’s with the same commitment to the craft. For this style feature, we will highlight some must-haves you need from their Fall/Winter delivery.

Your Guide To Fall Essentials With PAIGE

Conroy Crew Sweater

What do you do on days, that’s aren’t warm enough for a jacket, but isn’t quite chilly for a coat? Simple, just throw on a sweater. Problem solved! But not just any sweater, of course, you want to invest in one, You can have for a few years, not the ones Dr. Huxtable wore on the Cosby’s so with that being said consider the Conroy Crew Sweater. Each Conroy Crew Sweater comes crafted from a super soft merino blend that will keep you cool not sweaty due to the soft fabric. If you’re looking to keep it casual and chill just tosses it over a plain shirt or a jean jacket. But if you’re looking for a snazzier option throw a button down under or blazer over the top with a pair of fitted chino’s to spice it up. To sum this up, the Conroy Crew is the perfect essential that will make you look dressed up without actually dressing up if catch my drift.

Your Guide To Fall Essentials With PAIGE

Hayward Bomber

Bombers have long been a classic staple in men’s fashion so if you don’t own one, here’s the perfect opportunity to change that. Because the bomber jacket has been so popular, every brand has some bell and whistle attached to theirs, but one thing I love about The Hayward Bomber is how minimal and clean the jacket is. Keeping it simplistic the Hayward Bomber is clean cut that features super soft material inside and out with different metal zippers that stand out as a modern touch. Since we’re still in the early day of Fall, the Hayward Bomber is a smart choice because of how light and versatile the jacket is. For a Friday night football game to homecoming on Saturday it’s the jacket that can look good in any situation.

Your Guide To Fall Essentials With PAIGE

Scout Jacket – Saddle Brown Suede

When we think of Fall jackets, we typically think of jean jackets, Fishtail Parkas, and even leather jackets, but this season take a walk on the wild side and opt for a suede jacket. Popular in 1970’s suede jackets have managed not only to stick around, but also become a staple fashion thanks to high fashion brands like Givenchy and Gucci who made this jacket a symbol of status. What makes suede jackets so costly is how delicate they are because the material absorbs stains so choose wisely when making that decision to bring it out. The Scout Jacket features rich suede material outside along with two flap chest pockets for easy storage. The inside features a soft cotton-lined interior that’s’ designed for the ultimate warmth. This is a jacket that if you don’t fully appreciate now, you certainly will as you get older because of how long they last. So just look at this as an style investment.

There’s a reason why Fall is connected fashion because of the many style options we have available. So make sure your wardrobe gets the memo and start the season fresh with essentials from PAIGE. Tell them The Primary sent you, you won’t get a discount, but you’ll make us look good.


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