In past reviews we’ve covered a number of items from watches to sneakers to leather accessories. However, one of our favorite things to write about are boots. So much thought and detail goes into a pair of boots to distinguish it from the next. The materials, the design, and the way it feels when you take your first steps. We would considered them works of art in their own regard and the same is especially true for Peter Nappi’s Julius Boot. This particular version was made exclusively for the retailer Barney’s New York. Photography: TStoff for The Primary..

Fancy Footwork: Reviewing Peter Nappi's Barneys Exclusive Julius Boot

First Impressions

Right from the start, you can tell this is no ordinary boot. It has a very unique shape that features a longer toe. The laces wrap around the heel of the shoe and give it an even more distinct look that we don’t come across too often. The toes and heel have been burnished by hand, which makes each pair truly unique. With all that said, these are interesting details that we particularly appreciated because of its uniqueness.

Fancy Footwork: Reviewing Peter Nappi's Barneys Exclusive Julius Boot

Comfort and Fit 

It’s obvious someone put a lot of love and care into this Italian made boot. Tan leather laces, a stacked heel, stitched welt and a leather sole. However, it is the comfort and the fit of the boot that will seal the deal. If you’re a fan of the stacked heel, you will love these. They are incredibly soft on the inside as they are on the outside. The Vero Cuoio sole is unlike anything we’ve ever come across and used by other luxury brands. You’ll want to stay true to your boot size, which is normally .5 to a full size down from your favorite pair of sneakers.

Fancy Footwork: Reviewing Peter Nappi's Barneys Exclusive Julius Boot


If you’re in the market for a high-end boot, you should consider Peter Nappi’s Julius Boot. We love how soft the exterior is and the sole of the boot. It’s definitely a statement piece that sets the standard for other boots. Lastly, Petter Nappi offers a lifetime guarantee, which makes it an even better investment for your closet. Sizes are moving incredibly fast so you’ll want to act now if you want yours. Place your order at Barneys.


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