As we transition into the Fall, our primary focus in menswear tends to be on jackets, button downs and sweaters, while below the waist usually gets ignored. But not to worry, we want to highlight some key bottoms that can create just as much attention and detail to your Autumn wardrobe as its counterparts. For this style feature, we will focus on some pieces that will have you walking in style. Literally.

Three Bottoms To Consider This Fall

The Chino Pant
The transitions of commuting and being on the go can be hectic and stressful, especially without that first cup of coffee so having the right pants to tackle the day is super critical! To add some flare to your bottoms while being comfortable, go for a pair of slim chinos. They are suitable for the office and easy to transition to happy hour right after. They’re the Lebron James of pants, they just win every time. If you’re just starting out and not sure where to begin when selecting your Chinos, I recommend choosing earth tone colorways to add because they pair nicely with pretty much everything.

Three Bottoms To Consider This Fall

The Dress Pant

Because some office dress codes are stricter than others, it’s always a safe bet to keep a pair of pressed dress pants in the mix. When it comes to colors black and navy are always acceptable choices to choose. And because dress pants are more professional here a few things to keep in mind:

Go for a tailored fit.

Too many times we buy clothing straight off the rack that isn’t built for our specific body type only to look foolish later. Even though tailoring can be pricey, you only get one chance to make a first impression and this might prove to pay dividends later. So always dress the part.

Get them dry-cleaned.
Coffee spills, taco stains and soap spots will turn your dress pants into a wearable paper towel before lunch if you’re not careful, so when it comes to washing, we recommend dry cleaning. Now of course you don’t have to visit your nearest Zippy’s every week for minor stains, in fact most can be taken care of with a simple cloth and soap. For the massive spills, however, we recommend dry cleaning. It’s a great way to wash, press and preserve your dress pants all in one stop.

High cuffs can be cool!

We know the golden rule about not cuffing flat-front pants, but its 2016 so that decree no longer matters. So if you decide to break this tradition, there are some things to keep in mind. First, if you decide to sport a pair of dress pants for a more casual look with a higher cuff, do so with low cut ankle socks. This rule should be applied to low cut sneakers, loafers and wingtips especially. Second, even cuffed pants still need to be tailored. Cuffing your dress pants does not excuse or hide the fact that your pants are not properly fit. For this reason alone, I speculate that cuffed dress pants get such a dreadful rap. When pants are not tailored or taken in, cuffing them only makes the situation worse. It’s almost looks like your pants are swallowing your feet right before our eyes. Extreme? Maybe, but you get the point.

Three Bottoms To Consider This Fall

The Weekend Jean
Every man should own a pair of denim strictly for the weekend—a pair that he can kick back, watch some football and just break bad in. When shopping for a pair of denim, you can never go wrong with a light or dark shade to add contrast to your closet. Depending on your fit and body type, you can go with styles like “high rise, boot cut, slim or loose.” One cardinal rule when shopping for jeans is that you truly get what you pay for. How often you wear jeans, and how you want them to fit long term will all depend on your selection and grade of denim. If you’re not a denim connoisseur just yet, start with the basics and try different styles until you find the one that’s a match for you. Another helpful tip is that, when ordering jeans online, remember that every brand and company cut and fit is different, so I would hold off on the online orders until you find out first-hand how each brand fits you.

We hope this feature makes your fall transition easier and bearable. As the temperature drops a few degrees and the leaves start to change and fade, it’s the season for you to resurrect your style. You can finally pack away those Hawaiian shirts for good; actually, just throw them out while you’re at it.


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