Social media has empowered stylish individuals to capture their everyday outfits and share them with the world. While some may not be as visually impressive as others, we have found our fair share of favorite menswear bloggers including Devin McGovern or better known as @OutlinedCloth. The denim and boot loving adventurer is one of the more popular accounts and for good reason. Inspirational fits and a clean style that we can never get tired of. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and keep up with his latest blog entries on his website.

Getting To Know Menswear Blogger @OutlinedCloth

First tell us about yourself. Where are you from?

My name is Devin McGovern, I am the owner of Outlined Cloth, a menswear fashion and style blog. I am originally from Boulder, Colorado and currently live in Los Angeles, California having moved there after graduating college to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Along with running Outlined Cloth, I also produce reality television.

How did you get your start?

Outlined Cloth came about from my love for fashion which goes all the way back to my childhood days in Colorado. Outlined Cloth came about two years ago when I had been sharing my fashion insights on a very sporadic basis on my personal Instagram as a way of expressing and sharing my style tips. I had read about fashion bloggers making a business out the thing I was doing as a hobby. I wanted people to take my fashion advice and photos seriously, so was encouraged by a friend of my fiance’s in the fashion world to start from the ground up and create a new Instagram account. Thus the birth of Outlined Cloth.

Getting To Know Menswear Blogger @OutlinedCloth

What have been your favorite brands of late?

One of my favorite brands right now, one for their amazing customer service and two for the products they are producing is California based, Freenote Cloth. Two other companies I am big fans of right now are Norman Russell and Railcar Fine Goods. These brands focus on denim and great shirting, some of my other favorites are specialized, like socks from Richer Poorer and American Trench and leather goods from Slightly Alabama.

I am a big fan of curated shops that carry these brands. Some of my favorite shops are North Menswear in Laguna, Lone Flag in San Diego and General Quarters in Los Angeles.

What kind of menswear trends are you seeing?

I am seeing a trend towards functional style that is also fashionable. Meaning your wardrobe can take you from a hike to the office, or hard work outside to dinner inside.

If someone is trying to rebuild their wardrobe or just improve it on a budget, what would you suggest?

If someone is trying to build their wardrobe, I would tell them to start with a few basics, get yourself a solid white tee, I prefer pocket tee, but straight collar no pocket white tee is a solid start. After that, you should get yourself a good pair of raw denim. This can be styled up or down and it will wear for many years. The key to a good pair of denim is wash sparingly and always hang dry.

Getting To Know Menswear Blogger @OutlinedCloth

What is your go to staple piece?

My staple piece is a pair of denim, blue button up with a tshirt and my boots.

Any advice to someone looking to follow your footsteps?

The advice I would give to someone who wants to follow me is find an area you are passionate about, be it fashion, travel, food or whatever you love. After finding your niche, be consistent and be engaged with your followers.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I love the connection with brands and fellow fashion lovers like myself. I have made some great friends since I have started this journey and look forward to meeting new people and building withstanding relationships. I’d also like to add don’t do this alone, I have had the support and hardworking efforts of my fiancé, Marlene Martinez, since Outlined Cloth began. She has done everything from taking photos, to emailing brands, to writing blog posts. Along with her own aspirations of fashion and lifestyle, she has been an integral part to the growth of Outlined Cloth.


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