The 5 Best Selling Items From Western Rise You Need


Western Rise is a brand catered to your active lifestyle. They offer a well-rounded selection of products ranging from tees and shorts to sweaters and pants. However, it’s their dedication to quality and execution that has surpassed expectations and led to a cult-like following. Their products really feel like they’re made to last and incredibly versatile. Below you’ll find five of their best selling items highlighted and why we think it would earn a spot in your wardrobe.

We start things off with their Evolution Pant 2.0, an incredibly comfortable pair of pants that will go anywhere with you. Lightweight and packable, the Evolution Pant 2.0 is perfect for long travel days, exploring the outdoors or just worn casually as you return back to the office. It comes in a variety of colors that makes mixing and matching with their other products a breeze. Make sure you add this pair to your closet and you may never look back.

There’s a very good reason why the Evolution Short is one of the brand’s most popular items that they can hardly keep in stock. It also features lightweight construction to go along with 4-way stretch as well as being stain and water-resistant. Whether you’re chilling at the beach this Summer or exploring a new city, it should be packed wherever you go.

If you’ve struggled to find a comfortable button-down that you won’t feel too hot in, then this third product is just what you need. The Limitless Merino Button-Down is made with 4-way stretch and temperature-regulating and odor-resistant merino wool. It will have you feeling and looking your best with its comfortable wear and moisture wicking attributes. Step your game up without having to compromise your comfort this Summer.

We have yet to find a t-shirt we like as much the one pictured above. The X Cotton Tee marries the best of athletic and casual wear into the perfect shirt. It sports similar details as some of their other products including 4-way stretch, moisture wicking and odor-resistance, but isn’t thin and itchy like some shirts. We love this shirt for whatever situation you find yourself in especially if you’ve been looking for a mid-weight casual tee. It doesn’t too small or too big, but just right.

Durability and comfort seem to be a common trend among many of Western Rise’s products with their AT Pant being no different. It has been specifically designed for adventure and uses a stretch nylon canvas fabric that will withstand whatever you put it through. Available in a handful of colors, find a wide variety of options that fit any style.


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