There’s nothing we enjoy more than trying out a new pair of boots. Each pair varies from silhouette to silhouette with brands bringing a unique approach to manufacturing and design. We go hands-on yet again and this time around with the Captain Boot by Thursday Boots. Read our full breakdown below. Photography: Sean Martin for The Primary Mag.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, we can see the Captain as a boot with a classic design. The cap toe brings an interesting dimension to the boot that we don’t find too often. It’s a subtle detail that makes the Captain look even better in person. While we’ve never been the biggest fan of the cap toe style, it’s understated and breaks up the boot. As for the feel of the boot, the Terracotta full-grain leather is soft to the touch, but you get a sense of durability. It will only get better with wear and looks great worn in. The leather lining on the interior and wax laces round out a well thought out pair of boots.

Comfort and Fit

If you’ve had trouble finding a comfortable pair of boots, the Captain could be the solution to your struggles. We’ve found the Captain to be roomier than other styles so we would suggest sizing down as Thursday Boots lists on the product page. The Captain is equipped with a cork footbed and EVA which helps get us through a full day of wear. Other notable details include Goodyear welt construction for water resistance and the ability to re-sole your boots as well as a studded rubber outsole so you’re not sliding around on different surfaces.


When deciding on purchasing a new pair of boots, price and value should be at the top of your list. Ask yourself are the boots worth the price and will I get the most value out of them through constant wear? At $199, the Captain is well worth the price and will only get better with each wear. It combines durability and style for the perfect package that will make for a great addition to any closet.


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