It doesn’t take many visits to this site to realize that we are watch lovers. These intricate timepieces can vary drastically from brand to brand. Each watch tells its own story through its design and brand history. For this week’s review, we are going hands-on with Austin-based DuFrane Watches. Their initial piece, called Bergstrom, is named after officer Captain John August Earl Bergstrom who was the first Austin native killed during WWII in December 1941. It so happens this is also the namesake of Austin’s own international airport.

First Impressions

What we love most about this pilot watch is its simplicity. While some brands overly complicate the design, especially the dial, this watch gets it right. From its leather band to the dial, it’s perfect. It’s the ideal size and doesn’t look awkward sitting on our wrist. The Bergstrom is extremely versatile and can be worn in just about any occasion. This is something we look for when purchasing a watch and wouldn’t hesitate to wear it proudly. The exposed back is also a nice touch where you can see the manual winding Swiss movement and individual engraving. It’s the little details that we can really appreciate and make a watch more intriguing than the next. Limited to just 300 pieces, we’re one of the lucky few to be able to call this one ours.


Using a similar movement to luxury watch brands, the Bergstrom is a watch we expect to really go the distance and maintain its durability over time thanks to it’s enduring and precise design. While holding the watch, you get a sense of confidence that it will not be susceptible to cracking or scratches. That sense of confidence comes from the steel bead blast finishing and sapphire crystal with a/r coating on the case and bezel respectively.

Furthermore, we were also delighted to see the option of a leather band over other options because they age well with wear. The custom Noah Marion leather strap is no different and in a just a few seconds of holding it you can tell the quality is there. The custom leather watch wallet it comes in is also a great way to keep your watch safe and protected.


We were extremely impressed with DuFrane’s Bergstrom and appreciate the attention to detail and quality that went into the watch. For a watch of a similar quality, we’d expect to pay much more than the price it is listed at, $875. It’s an investment that we wouldn’t think twice about and could wear confidently for years to come. We admire the watch’s simplicity and ease of readability on the dial, that’s definitely key for us. Click here to purchase the Bergstrom.


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