What is it about a watch that can say so much about a person? There’s so much to them from the size, material, shape, brand, style, etc. You have an unlimited amount of choices from hundreds of brands including one of our favorites AVI-8. What we like about the brand is their love of aviation and ability to design watches around historic airplanes. We review their Lancaster Bomber watch, a simple and easy to wear timepiece. It is casual enough to be your everyday watch, but still elegant and professional at the same time. Photography: TStoff for The Primary.

At first impression, we were big fans of the beige leather strap, which balances the black dial and stainless steel casing. The face of the watch is not too big like some of the previous watches we’ve owned and is the perfect size for someone with a smaller wrist or doesn’t want the watch to be overwhelming. The strap itself is also isn’t too wide nor is the watch too heavy where we feel like it’s weighing us down.

As for the rest of the watch, you have a three subdial display which represents the three turrets that defended the Lancaster Bomber against attack. It’s a simple watch, which is what we like about it so much. Lightweight and made with quality materials that won’t break in a few months. Find the Lancaster Bomber collection featuring a number of colorways including this one here.


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