Feel Like A Pro With This Pickleball Paddle That’s Under $100


We’ve dove head first into one of the fastest growing sports in America and have found it to be the perfect amount of activity for our aging knees. And just like having a high-quality pair of jeans or long-lasting pair of boots, we’re looking for affordable paddles that will be durable and get the job done. Enter the GS Pro by GoSports, a USAPA certified paddle that’s priced under $100. It features medium weight (8.1 oz) that gives you great power and control. You’ll also find a honeycomb core with carbon fiber layers to help you with your top spin and make those returns a breeze. Lastly, the handle is finished off with a premium grip to ensure that you have complete control on every swing. Grab the GS Pro now on sale by clicking here and be sure to also pick up a pack of their regulation pickleballs as well.


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