5 Grooming Brands Every Guy Should Know


With so many grooming brands on the market for men, it’s really difficult to keep up. New brands are popping up every day and some just go under-the-radar. From pomades to body wash to shaving cream, now is the best time to start stocking up for your daily regiment. We try and take some of the guessing out when looking for grooming products with a list of brands you should know.

Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark tops our list of grooming brands you need to know with a line of unique products. They pretty much cover it all with solid colognes, 2-1 shampoo & body wash, shaving cream and much more. One of our favorites is their aftershave cloths, which are extremely convenient and useful.

First Hand Supply

When it comes to pomades and styling clays, First Hand Supply’s are some of the best you can find. Both are water-based, made with clean ingredients and do not make your hair feel greasy and oily like some of the other options out there. In addition, they also have a line of other items including an oil-based fragrance, lip balm, hand soap, and candles.


JOURNEYMEN takes the hassle out of purchasing deodorant and body wash with fresh product delivered to you every 60 days. Their products use modern fragrances distilled from natural ingredients and simple formulas. If you don’t believe us, go out and try it with free shipping today.

Ursa Major 

Ursa Major’s goal is to keep you looking your best with their line of grooming products. They pretty much cover the whole spectrum with facial washes and wipes, deodorants, shave cream and more. They conveniently offer their products in travel size in addition to gift sets and 3 packs.


Last, but certainly not least is a brand you likely haven’t heard of, but should definitely know. Proraso is a storied Italian brand specializing in shaving products and is barber approved. They promise a close and comfortable shaving experience with shaving cream for sensitive skin, beard oil and balms, after shave lotion and more.


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