The Modular Backpack That Crushed It On Kickstarter


It’s hard to label a backpack as the most “complete” backpack, but Black Ember’s V4 Adventure Travel bag is as close as it gets. The bag definitely has a few tricks up its sleeve with the option to swap out different modular cube that are tailored to your carrying needs. From your DSLR gear to travel essentials, the cures are secured by Mag-locks to keep your valuables safe. In addition, the V4 is sized as an international carry-on and also comes with a modular fold-out laptop to make getting through security a breeze. For photographers, there are two sizes of modular DSLR Cubes available to help organize your gear. They can easily detach and transform into DSLR shoulder bags and waist pack. To learn more about Black Ember’s V4 Adventure Travel Backpack and to back their campaign, click here.


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