Among the different types of bags on the market, nothing communicates purpose and professionalism quite like a briefcase. Whether you’re headed to the office or are a digital nomad, a well-made briefcase is just as important as the contents inside of it. We geared up for a busy day around town with Thursday Boot’s Continental Briefcase at our side. Find a full breakdown of the bag below. Photography: Sean Martin for The Primary Mag.

First Impressions

Everything about this bag appeals to our style from the color to the design to materials used. It has plenty of storage space for all your essentials including your laptop and smaller items tucked away in the two front pockets. Use the handles to carry it as a brief or attach the leather strap to throw it over your shoulder like a messenger bag. It’s a simple bag that will get the job done and make you look good while doing so.


Thursday Boots made sure to do the Continental Briefcase right. The bag features a Horween Tumbled Natural Chromexcel along with solid brass hardware, a reinforced bottom, organizational pockets on the interior and two exterior buckle-pockets. A sturdy exterior and bottom will hold up to wear and tear as well as the weight of a laptop, books and whatever else you decide to throw inside. If you’re in the market for a briefcase, you might as well buy one that uses high-grade materials and won’t fall apart after a few years.


At less than $300, a briefcase of this caliber is worth every penny. It uses premium leather as opposed to a lower quality you might find a cheaper bag and is thoughtfully designed. It has that classic style we look for in a bag with tons of storage space for whatever you need. It sits comfortably on your shoulder with the option to take with you as a briefcase for those important meetings. It’s a versatile bag that you also makes for the perfect carry-on alternative to a backpack if you’re checking in luggage. Click here to get yours today.


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